Privacy Policy

Division 10 does from time to time retain customer information that aids us in contacting and serving our customers. This information is kept completely confidential and will in no way be sold or disclosed unless ordered to by the law. We respect our customers privacy and would do nothing to jeopardize our working relationship.

Product Selection

Product colors, prices and sizes can change without notice. All though we at Division 10 will do our very best to keep the site up to date and timely there can be periods where information is out of sync as products are updated or phased out by our partners. We rely heavily on our partners to maintain their product catalogues, as such we ask that you contact us to help prepare your order to ensure you receive the products you require in a timely manner.

Product Warranty

Division 10 does not offer warranty on products that we offer on behalf of our partners. The specific warranty supplied with each product will be honoured by the manufacturer of that product.

Customers are responsible for retaining proof of product purchase to support and aid any product warranty needs. Division 10 can in some circumstances help with providing new copies of receipts.

We at Division 10 will do our best to ensure that you have open and clear communication with the manufacturers of the products we offer.